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Barbara Garfield
Greetings for the day! My name is Barbara Garfield. Presently, I live in California, and I work as a Social Media Strategist at a startup company primarily based in San Jose. My work generally revolves around organic SEO, and I make long-term plans to increase the organic traffic reaching our websites. However, I love writing, and having an engineering degree has really toned my technical writing skills. I am still learning tricks and methods of the game, but I do rate my work quite highly in some of the blogs and articles that I have written. You can have a look if you want, and please feel free to criticize me if you find flaws because I believe finding flaws is the first step towards success. I also used to work at Norton, so I have some insights on the cybersecurity industry and what is really necessary for a user to do to keep his or her system secure. On this website, you will find comprehensive knowledge on the highest-selling antiviruses and advancements in the cybersecurity industry, and you can also find some blog posts, instruction manuals, reviews, news releases, and technical descriptions. You can proceed to read my blogs now.